Have you ever wondered, “Why do our best people leave?”  Let me kindly remind you that people leave managers, not companies.  Look to the individuals you have selected to lead others in your organization.  Are they held accountable to excellence or is mediocrity being accepted?

You cannot afford to allow mediocre performance to persist, especially in your leaders and managers.  The cost is greater than you may realize.  There is, of course, the lack of Return on Investment (ROI) when you continue to expend resources toward mediocre performing individuals, departments, or initiatives that should be terminated.  If this was the only cost, it really would not be a major problem.  The real costs are the intangibles and long-term effects.

The major problem with allowing, or even worse rewarding, mediocrity is what it does to your top performers!  Your top performers contribute the greatest to your success.  When they work hard, produce the excellent results you desire, and then see their peers’ mediocre performance go unaddressed, what do you think happens to their attitude?  How did you feel when it happened to you?  It may be the very reason why you left previous organizations or departments.

When you accept mediocrity in your managers, your top performers will at first step up and take on more of the load, but sooner or later, will become discouraged and their attitude will change.  You will condition them to believe that mediocrity is acceptable in your culture.  Top performers will either stop producing to their best ability, or just leave to find another opportunity to do what they love best.  Either way, your team loses as you are left with mediocrity, falling significantly short of the Elite Team you need to carry out your team’s mission! 

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.