Have you discovered the link between lack of trust and mediocrity?  In my observations of leadership teams across multiple industry sectors, I found a strong correlation between the leadership team members’ depth of trust with one another and the level of performance of their respective teams.  Where trust was strong, performance was high.  Where trust was lacking, performance was mediocre or poor.

When friction originating from mistrust among the leadership team is communicated to or observed by team members, your organization’s values and goals are called into question and they begin to operate under a sense of doubt about exactly what is expected of them.  Sensing the tension, they often fear adding fuel to the fire.  No one wants to be blamed for rising tensions.  As a result, you are less likely to learn of issues that need to be addressed in a timely manner.  In essence, your people are reduced to working around personalities.  My friend, this is a well-worn path to mediocrity.

Does your leadership team understand that their adversaries are not other members of the team?  If any of them are taking actions that undermine one another’s authority or productivity, intervention is absolutely necessary.  If not, their lack of trust will spread like a virus where shadow maneuvering, loss of focus, and unsaid truths lead to damage and loss.

In order to operate as an Elite Team pursuing excellence, leadership teams must feel free and secure to share concerns and disagreements honestly and openly as a team, knowing that each will use the information to improve the team and not undermine each other.  This can only be accomplished when there is a high degree of trust.

Cultivating this environment of trust and cohesion is the leader’s responsibility, but it doesn’t mean they must do it alone.  Enlisting outside objective assistance to help facilitate insight for the team can be most beneficial in strengthening, and sometimes absolutely necessary in restoring trusting relationships, allowing you to Transform into an Elite Team. 

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.