Most people join a team with an idea of where they want to contribute.  They answer an advertisement for a position that appeals to them.  They may be drawn to the title, compensation, organizational culture and mission, growth opportunity and/or many other aspects of the work.  However, rarely does the job advertisement fully explain all that the job entails.  This can even be difficult to convey in the interview process.  Also, most job descriptions evolve over time; their scopes broaden and refocus as the needs of the organization grow and change.

These realities are why it’s so important to actively monitor the alignment of your team.  You need the right people in the right positions at the right times.  You want to ensure that your team always stays on mission even when circumstances call for new approaches, new rules and flexibility, and even if the mission changes.

It takes active involvement, assessment and coaching skills to maintain an Elite Team.  Even when the forces of change are not influencing a position, it is unreasonable to expect most top performers to come on board, master a job and remain satisfied long-term without fresh and challenging opportunities.

Most high performers are driven to grow and confront challenges.  As leader, you want the individuals working for you to be energized about their roles and contributions to the team. This requires coaching that goes above assessing performance; it calls for the skills and sincere desire to help people reach their greatest potential.

Great leaders respect and encourage the personal and professional growth of their team, and by doing so, they can harness the performance power of people who are energetically reaching for fulfillment in their careers and lives.  By matching high performers with tasks that energize them, you will find that as leader, you don’t have to spend time addressing behavior modification or trying to inspire the team to charge the hill.  Your team will actively work hard doing the things they love to do.

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.