Jason Ryan

MJR wouldn’t be here right now, and definitely not the size we are now, if Jason Walker & Associates, LLC (JWA) had not been introduced to me at that critical time.  The entire process was enjoyable, and JWA was instrumental in helping me capitalize on our years of success and hard work to begin transforming my workforce into an Elite Team.  It was not just one thing, but rather a combination of a ton of stuff that made significant impacts to make us more profitable and organized.  I now enjoy working on, and in, my business again. 

MJR Woodworks, LLC
Thomas D. Marks

Prior to hiring Jason the leadership at our firm did a tremendous job of laying the groundwork for the success we set out to achieve, but it was hiring Jason that really enabled that leadership to shape a culture that would take things to the next level. After working with Jason we gained a greater understanding of how to leverage our strengths, develop a united corporate culture, and put efficient systems in place. For these things we’ve been very blessed by Jason’s skill set, which has enabled us to further our purpose greatly.

The Marks Law Firm, P.A.
Cassandra Laymon

Our team just completed a very successful week with Jason in his Clarity & Alignment Program. Our goal was to improve our processes and our team communication in an effort to make a good team great. We are experiencing fast growth, and wanted to be able meet and exceed the needs of our current clients as we add additional advisors and clients to our team.

Beacon Wealth Consultants, Inc.