I find it amazing how practical and applicable principles from one area of life can be applied to others.  For instance, we can apply the principles of strengthening our muscles to building our teams.

When we desire to increase our muscle strength, we typically will begin a regimen of lifting weights, abdominal exercises, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and a host of many other possibilities.  Of course, the specific muscles we are focusing on improving will dictate which exercises to include and when.  This is where a professional physical trainer is quite valuable to help us accomplish our desired results in an accelerated manner by providing guidance, wisdom, and motivation throughout the process.

If we do not understand our bodies and how the muscles increase strength, we can possibly do some damage that will hinder our success.  For instance, if we are just getting started in our regimen and begin our first day of training lifting weights and pushing our muscles way beyond their capacity, then we will likely end up with an injury that will prevent any further training for a long period of time as the muscle heals.

On the other hand, if we schedule our training in a disciplined manner that allows our muscles to stretch and recover sufficiently, we will see incremental and continuous improvement in our strength and more likely reach our established goals.  As our muscles are conditioned and strengthened properly, they can better handle longer periods of strain and greater levels of stress.

This same principle applies to teams.  When a newly formed team without proper conditioning is faced with extreme levels of stress and strain, like our current economic and political situation, it is likely the team will break and be unable to successfully deliver great results.

On the other hand, when a team forms and its leadership is deliberate in directing them through experiences of increasing levels of pressure, the team bonds become stronger and more conditioned to handle even greater forces.  Instead of breaking the team apart, the storms can help Transform your workforce into an Elite Team.

Are you being intentional to properly strengthen your team or are you experiencing the demise of too much pressure on an unconditioned team?

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.