The Few. The Proud. The Marines.  There are many things the Marine Corps does differently than the other branches of the armed services.  The Corps has a very unique, well-defined culture that instills the concept of mission-focused teamwork into every Marine.

The process and difference can be seen as early as recruitment.  Think of the appeals of the other armed services.  The particular slogans may come and go, but the message is often understood as, “Join the military (Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force) and see the world… Or have adventures… Or get help with your education.”  Now fundamentally, everyone should know that the military is not a travel agency; neither is it in the business of entertainment or education — not at its core; not as its mission.

The Marines choose instead to focus on their mission and the type of people their mission requires.  Their message to potential recruits is more like, “If you think you have what it takes, then come and try, but there’s no guarantee you’ll make it.”  Rather than touting what they have to offer, the Marine Corps advertises who they are — The Few. The Proud. The Marines.  This is being very selective, but it’s not arrogance.  It’s just the facts.  To be a Marine, you have to fit the culture of the Marines.

From recruitment through boot camp, cultural training is every bit as important as skills training.  A Marine in training becomes part of something much larger than himself or herself, and each Marine comes to understand his or her importance to the higher mission.

Does your organization define its culture and mission clearly for current and potential team members?  If you want an Elite Team, individuals must share the values of the organizational culture and be unified in purpose.  Make sure your recruitment and training process accounts for these elements of focus, because, those who lack them will never really be on your team.

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.  Semper Fi!