People are never square and positions are rarely round, but an effective leader can work to match them perfectly together.  By giving frequent, constructive and reliable coaching, a good leader can keep his or her team members constantly facing the realities of their personal strengths and blindsides.  Together, both the leader and each team member can evaluate circumstances to determine if it is the team member or the position that needs adjustment to get that perfect fit.

Since we are always growing and learning, this coaching process should also be continuous.  It may sound basic, but you always have to monitor the status of your team.  Even when someone has been an ideal fit for a season, it doesn’t mean that specific team member will continue to be right for his or her current role.  This is where most managers and executives make a crucial error.  They hire and forget!

The process I’m describing takes discipline, patience, time and effort from you and your team, but the results are worth the investment.  Your diligence in this process acts as the oil in the machinery of your Elite Team.  Your attention to these matters could make the difference between failure and success.  You could have all the components of an aircraft, but if the pieces don’t fit together, it will never fly.

Has your team been getting the proper amount of maintenance and repair?  Do your team members fit their current positions perfectly?  If this area is not your expertise, seek out a trusted advisor to help you evaluate your team’s specific needs and implement a customized plan of attack to take your team to greater success.

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.