Many elements go into cultivating an Elite Team: Trust, Competence, Integrity, Vision, Discipline, Communication, Fair Treatment and Rewards, just to name a few.  The process is multifaceted and requires a broad set of leadership skills to both build, and then maintain the team’s levels of achievement.

As leader, you must be intentional about building your team and cultivating trust.  If left unguided, heated debates can too often devolve into friction and conflict, resulting in a shared vision becoming clouded due to unresolved relationship issues.  You must keep your team working together, not only in the technical challenges, but particularly in resolving the personality differences that arise.  Do not miss these opportunities to grow together.

Many times, the observed symptoms are not the core concerns.  Recognizing the root problems and determining the best course of action can be critical, and determining the best approach for each particular team’s DNA can mean the difference between a crushed crowd and a stronger squad.

Utilizing an objective professional will offer fresh perspectives providing insight and targeted questions to draw out the points of contention to be addressed.  Of particular importance is being able to guide the team to differentiate between trust issues and communication styles.  Most conflict can be resolved productively and quickly when this understanding exists among the team.  Once the trust is assured, high performance will soon follow.

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.