Do you know employees or team members that have a negative attitude toward their jobs, and even possibly toward their team?  Unfortunately, each of us knows too many people who do.  Have you considered the full impact of just one individual’s negative attitude on the entire team?

If the negative attitude could be kept isolated to that one individual, then it would be a simpler issue to manage.  Unless dealt with properly and quickly though, negative attitudes tend to “ooze” throughout the organization tainting even the most productive elements.

There are several techniques that leadership could use to address a situation like this, and I offer this approach as a consideration.

Identify if this is an isolated instance or not.  Are there other individuals whose attitudes have made a turn for the worse?  Identify your managers and trusted employees that usually have a good pulse of the team and ask them about the general attitude of the team.  If there are several individuals involved, look to a recent event or culmination of events where leadership may not have communicated effectively or did not correctly anticipate the level of response from the team.

If it was a difficult decision that had to be made, then provide a forum for the team members and leadership to communicate openly.  This may be one on one or in a group setting based on the team’s culture and sensitivity of the issue.  Regardless of the format, the issue should not be ignored or the frustration will not be resolved.  Capitalize on this storm as an opportunity for the team to grow together and work out their concerns.

If the negative attitude is just in one individual, then begin seeking the answers to the following questions.  Usually, the best source is the individual themselves.  Did they demonstrate this attitude within the first ninety days on the job?  When did the attitude change?  Are there personal situations outside the workplace influencing their attitude?  What are their unmet expectations resulting in frustration?

As you discover the root cause of the negative attitude, then you can properly deal with the individual or situation.  Not everyone is a fit for your team, so do not expect everyone to have a positive attitude about your purpose, values, and vision.  But you should expect that for someone to be a fit, they will be very positive and contribute to your Elite Team.

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.