A predominant thought in our culture today is that it does not matter what one believes, as long as one can perform the job.  This is a satisfactory mindset for those that accept mediocre performance, but not for an Elite Team.

What we believe is critical to who we are!  We derive our values and, consequently, tremendous energy from our strongly-held beliefs:

  • Honesty at all times, or just when it is convenient for me;
  • Treat all individuals with respect, or just those I deem important;
  • Consistently give 100%, or slack off when no one will see me;
  • Be generous toward others, or look out for my best interests only; and many, many, more…

As we face various circumstances, our decisions and actions are determined by our values.  Will we:

  • Correct an invoice in the vendor’s favor, or justify it because cash flow is tight right now;
  • Greet everyone in the workplace with a friendly “hello,” or just put on a warm smile in the presence of the VIPs;
  • Share part of the profits of a banner year with a hard-working team, or pocket the surplus to fund a plush personal lifestyle;

In these uncertain times, we as leaders must consistently act according to our values, and thus our beliefs.  We must be predictable in what we will accept and what we will not tolerate.  As a result, we will have credibility and earn the trust of those around us, enabling us to influence and energize them to great accomplishments.

When someone says they believe one thing, and then acts in a way contrary to what they said, we call that hypocrisy.  If we are not willing to follow a hypocrite, should we expect anything different from our teams?

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.