In general, it takes time to really know someone.  Over the course of time, observing how team members react to various stressors and, more importantly, how well they perform and communicate, can be very revealing about an individual’s abilities, needs and limitations.

The problem is that not every leadership situation has the luxury of time.  This is one reason why military training is so intense.  In many instances, the exercises and training missions are intentionally designed to be as stress-inducing as possible so that the strengths and flaws of both individuals and teams can be revealed quickly.  The military can ill afford to find out too late that a person cannot handle stressful situations when lives are on the line.

What’s on the line at your organization?  How much time can you afford to let pass as you gather observational information about your team?  If you choose only to do this slowly over time, to what degree are you risking your organization’s reputation and your relationships with your clients?  I firmly believe that time reveals character, but I also know that it’s wise to make use of sound methods and tools of discovery to facilitate effective management of a team.

There are logical and insightful ways to expedite this process so that you can gain valuable information about your team which can fundamentally affect how you interact with them.  For example, when you understand that someone is good at a particular task, don’t you assign them to that?  What if you knew which type of activities really energized that person?  Wouldn’t you seek to properly equip them to be released against that task, to attack that task with great energy?  Think about your own pursuits.  Aren’t you willing to put more effort into the things that energize you?

You can fast-track your discovery with different assessment tools to identify what truly energizes and de-energizes both you and your team members.  Then use this valuable information to help you align individuals to capitalize on their strengths, and more effectively Transform your workforce into an Elite Team.

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.

Note: There are many effective assessment tools out there.  Contact us if you need help selecting the appropriate tool for your team.