The U.S. military spends significant time and resources on team building and the development of leaders through training exercises.

After each exercise, the teams evaluate their performances, scanning the events for lessons to be learned about each individual and the functionality of the teams.  These disciplined examinations increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the teams.  From personal experience, each exercise added to our knowledge and trust of one another, resulting in more effective communications and confidence in our team’s capabilities.

Do you see the connectivity?  Trust – Communication – Team Performance.  This intentional and disciplined approach to developing cohesive, high-performing Elite Teams is rarely seen in businesses and organizations, and it is what separates the Great from the Good.  The principles of this approach have been successfully applied outside the military across multiple industry sectors, and they will work in your organizational environment as well.

Leaders must be intentional to cultivate trust among their teams.  Otherwise, the stress of the daily grind will tear them apart.  Leaders need to make time for their teams to learn from their experiences and to grow stronger together, or they will likely witness the decline of their organization as ineffective communication causes recurring mistakes, increased stress and failures both small and large.  Instead of trust, these failures usually spark the blame game.  Defenses go up, and communications go down even further.  This is a vicious cycle, and it is a leadership problem.

With solid leadership and proven methods of team building, you can lay the foundation of trust among your team.  With knowledge of one another’s strengths, blindsides, and needs you can cultivate the trust that is needed for streamlined and effective communication.  Team members who trust one another don’t need to question one another’s motives and intentions.  They are goal oriented with a shared focus.

Invest time, energy, and resources to engage your team in thought provoking learning exercises designed to build trust.  Develop and implement a plan to suit your organization’s particular needs.  A little investment now can have an immediate impact that also reaps great rewards in your future.

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.