In order to Transform your workforce into an Elite Team, you must recruit and hire excellence.  Do not confuse this with perfection.  Hiring excellence means attracting and recruiting talent that is already wired to contribute to your culture.  They will bring a mindset of constantly improving themselves and the organization they serve.  Their skills, although very important, are secondary to their mindset.

A friend and fellow professional, Kathleen Rich-New, shared this, “I hire you for what you know and fire you for who you are.”

Hiring mediocre mindsets on the other hand introduces mediocre attitudes, which turn into “do enough to get by just to collect a paycheck.”  When you have these mediocre attitudes, you spend most of your time trying to train proper behavior, draining valuable time and energy that should be used towards your purpose and mission.

Think of the last time you became frustrated with someone because of a skill set they did not have.  I would venture to guess it wasn’t their inexperience, but rather their lack of initiative to learn and grow that frustrated you the most.  You likely hold the character trait of having initiative in high regard and it is an expectation of your culture; the expectation to strive for excellence.

How long has it been since you evaluated your recruiting and hiring processes, pipeline, & interviewing procedures to ensure they are all aligned to filter out mediocre attitudes while allowing the mindset of excellence to surface to the top?

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.