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We have a crisis in America’s workforce!  Over half of our employees are not engaged and 1 in 6 are actively disengaged – a.k.a. disruptive and distracting to the mission.  That leaves only about 1/3 of our workforce actively engaged.  Would you call a team where only 1/3 were actively engaged, Elite?  I wouldn’t either, and our businesses, organizations, families, communities, municipalities, and country are suffering from this catastrophe, and it will not be fixed by accident.

We need Elite Teams – a lot of them!

As a Naval Academy graduate and Marine Corps Infantry Officer, I have had the privilege and honor of leading and serving on some remarkable teams accomplishing amazing feats.  When I left the military and interacted with organizations and leaders at various levels, what I discovered that just blew me away, was how few of them have ever operated within an Elite Team.  Since they never operated within an Elite Team, they do not know what one looks like from the inside and they do not know how to get there.  When they see one, they want “it” – but they do not know what “it” is.

Elite Team INSIGHTs will help leaders at every level gain greater clarity around what their teams should look like from the inside and learn effective methods to get there.

As business owners, executives, and organizational leaders, you have the most influence in our society.  You shape the environments where people spend 6, 8, 10, and 12 hours or more each day.  You can Transform your workforce into an Elite Team to have significant impact all around you.

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What would our communities look like again if every principled leader operated with an Elite Team pursuing their God-given missions?

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