Have you ever driven a high-performance sports car and then immediately after drove an economy vehicle?  You noticed right away there was a significant difference in the quality and handling and potential power available.  You probably felt a little let down and sensed some disappointment.

If you ever transitioned to a mediocre mob of individuals after being part of a cohesive, high-performance team, you have likely experienced that similar sensation.  There is something special about being a contributing part of a team that delivers results.  Once you have experienced being part of an Elite Team, it’s hard to settle for anything less.

Maybe you have never experienced the thrill and excitement of being part of an Elite Team.  You are longing to be part of something great, something more significant than yourself, or have you given up hope because all around you is mediocrity?  I want to encourage you to pursue excellence with all your might!  I believe you and I were created with a longing and desire for excellence, and we will never be satisfied until it is filled.

A friend of mine, Mark Mattingly, shared the following thought: 

“If mediocrity is the best we have ever seen or experienced, then mediocrity becomes the standard by which we call excellence.” 

If you have ever led or been part of a team that constantly pursued excellence while delivering meaningful impact, then you know the thrill and excitement of an Elite Team and, like me, will not settle for less!  If we do, then mediocrity will creep in and reproduce itself quickly, and our society cannot afford more mediocrity.

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.