Is your team able to stick together under the pressures from your storms? Without adequate cohesiveness, your “organism” will not make it through the storms intact enough to make it to the Norming and Performing stages, and you’ll be stuck in the Forming – Storming insanity loop. Even though your organization may have the most highly skilled individuals possible, they are not a team unless they will work together. The Law of Entropy – everything moves from a state of order to disorder – works against you. Achieving and sustaining cohesion requires energy and intentionality, and cohesion is essential to Transforming into an Elite Team. If your team is not cohesive, then they will not hold one another accountable, and you will spend most of your energy working on problems your team could have prevented.


High performers WANT it! Low performers RUN FROM it.

It’s one thing to want others to be accountable; it’s another to actually hold others accountable. We must be intentional to ensure everyone understands how their decisions and actions impact the decisions and actions of the rest of the team. Team members rely on each other to have their backs when their acts of commission or omission may be detrimental to the team achieving their goals. Individuals must be confident and willing to approach both peers and more senior leaders to effectively communicate truth the team needs to hear to stay aligned and on mission. Without high accountability, your organization will quickly “silo” with increasing communication problems across departments that slow the decision-making processes to a crawl, leaving everyone frustrated and unproductive.


Productivity is what results when everyone is on the same page and holding each other accountable! With the transparency of everyone understanding each role’s part in accomplishing the mission, and the confidence their teammates have each other’s back, all energy can be focused on producing the necessary results. Everything just moves quicker and more smoothly, and when mistakes do happen, resolution begins immediately at the lowest level possible without waiting for “management” to tell them what to do.

In contrast, if people are uncertain of the full scope of their responsibilities and how they fit into the big picture, they will have divided focus and effort. And when changes or mistakes come that make using the system more difficult and thus their specific tasks harder and longer to complete, people begin taking their focus off helping the team succeed and focus primarily on what they need to do to survive the storms – waiting for “management” to fix the problems.

But there is hope and help.

The Elite Team Mastery System℠ is a proven methodology that gets everyone on the same page, holds them all accountable, and achieves consistent, predictable, repeatable, and sustainable results. And that just simply makes life better for everyone!

Your team will thank you. You will thank us.