MJR wouldn’t be here right now, and definitely not the size we are now, if Jason Walker & Associates, LLC (JWA) had not been introduced to me at that critical time.  The entire process was enjoyable, and JWA was instrumental in helping me capitalize on our years of success and hard work to begin transforming my workforce into an Elite Team.  It was not just one thing, but rather a combination of a ton of stuff that made significant impacts to make us more profitable and organized.  I now enjoy working on, and in, my business again. 

Jason Ryan

Owner, MJR Woodworks, LLC

Our team just completed a very successful week with Jason in his Clarity & Alignment Program. Our goal was to improve our processes and our team communication in an effort to make a good team great. We are experiencing fast growth, and wanted to be able meet and exceed the needs of our current clients as we add additional advisors and clients to our team.

Jason exceeded our expectations. All of our goals were met, and in addition he was able to highlight areas for improvement we were not aware of, and make recommendations that will eliminate multiple hours of work and increase our capacity for activities that have a high return on investment.

The Beacon Wealth team highly recommends Jason. He helps the best teams get better!

Cassandra Laymon

President, Beacon Wealth Consultants, Inc.

Prior to hiring Jason the leadership at our firm did a tremendous job of laying the groundwork for the success we set out to achieve, but it was hiring Jason that really enabled that leadership to shape a culture that would take things to the next level. After working with Jason we gained a greater understanding of how to leverage our strengths, develop a united corporate culture, and put efficient systems in place. For these things we’ve been very blessed by Jason’s skill set, which has enabled us to further our purpose greatly.
Thomas D. Marks

Esquire, The Marks Law Firm, P.A.

On the way to work this morning I was listening to a commercial on the radio that reminded me that an organization can only rise to the level of it’s leadership. Before my relationship with Jason not only did I not have leadership skills, I also didn’t have a leadership mindset. Jason helped transform me from being 100% technician focus to a more balanced focus of leadership and technician. As we work on developing my leadership skills I can see that my organization now has a chance of achieving the vision I have always had.
Dennis Gillard, CPA, PFS

Gillard Financial Solutions, LLC

Jason facilitated our PMICFC annual strategic meeting. We had our board meeting a few nights later which was supposed to be informal since we just came out of the strategic meeting and the board meeting was great. We actually accomplished more I think in the “informal” meeting than we do in most of our board meetings. I think a good part of this is due to Jason helping us taking the time during the strategic meeting to build the trust and get aligned on priorities and actionable next steps. Thanks again Jason!

Traci McIntosh, PMP, MBA

Project Management Institute Central FL Chapter

Jason assessed the organization’s operational capacity and developed systems and processes for the company that are still in use today. Jason guided the company through the largest project ever undertaken and completed it with great success. He took the organization to an entirely new level through his unique ability to learn how the business works and fix the flaws. Jason is truly a gifted individual who is also an excellent team player. I highly recommend that any organization who wants to develop their people and improve their efficiency utilize the talent of Jason Walker.
Terry Geter

Senior Wealth Advisor

Working with Jason Walker and Build A Business has helped management to embrace and implement delegation and become very comfortable with it in a short space of time. We are more focused on results and our productivity levels have increased and we waste less time while continuing to move forward and build our business. We had the best tax season ever. It was busy and filled with long hours, but the stress was minimal because of the confidence we had in our team, focus, and direction.

Jason engaged with us during a very difficult transition, and was able to immediately provide wisdom and objectivity that was extremely valuable to our decision making and implementation. We had better clarity and focus on our most important activities which resulted in our peace of mind about our team and reenergized hope for our future and company.

Jason’s ability to facilitate difficult situations has been a huge benefit to us. As a husband/wife team, some areas can be touchy, even when a great relationship exists. His people management skills and ability to quickly draw out the real issues allows us to solve the challenges we face in a very productive and enjoyable manner. I highly recommend Jason Walker to any organization striving for excellence in all they do.

Kathleen Gillard

Management, Gillard Financial Solutions, LLC

I have known Jason for the better part of 5 years now. In our various dealings he has always demonstrated impeccable character, strong leadership and a commitment to doing the right things right.

We hired Jason in April 2008 to do a week-long on-site training for a new hire that would be handling the business processing and operations side of our financial advisory business. Jason was very instrumental in helping us develop a systems and procedures manual (which we did not already have in place) in addition to helping our new team member successfully navigate a very steep learning curve in a short amount of time. Leveraging Jason’s expertise has proved to be a very good investment for us and I would highly recommend his services to other firms requiring similar assistance.

Rick Laymon

President, AAMS, AWMA & Qualified Kingdom Advisor

Prior to hiring Jason the leadership at our firm did a tremendous job of laying the groundwork for the success we set out to achieve, but it was hiring Jason that really enabled that leadership to shape a culture that would take things to the next level. After working with Jason we gained a greater understanding of how to leverage our strengths, develop a united co
Rick Laymon

President, AAMS, AWMA & Qualified Kingdom Advisor

Leadership Program Testimonials

I am very impressed with Jason’s knowledge and training style. I have been through a number of training sessions and this was the first time a trainer kept my interest until the end of the program. The Leadership Compass is a great module of the Leadership Boot Camp Experience and really drives you to leadership. It uses a number of common sense structures and combines them with personality traits to help you find effective ways to move any business or personal situation in the right direction. I consider it a competitive advantage to anyone who attends.
Vannette Stephens

Manager PMO, Siemens Energy, Inc.

I attended the 5-Star Leadership Experience at the 2011 PMI Seminars World in Orlando, FL. I will admit that, like most of the attendees, I originally took the class for the PDU credits and did not expect much more than typical cliché’s and business slogans. However, after my first pass at the Leader’s Compass and reading my Energize2Lead profile, I realized there was more value to this 4 day program than I had fist thought. Jason built on that value with his military and civilian experience. His talent as a leader helped me to identify some habits that need to change and has continued to take his personal time to help me see that my goals are achieved.
Marc Piscitelli


This is a workshop for the leader in you.  A place where you will get the tools and techniques to support your daily efforts and best ready you for future goals.

Ervin Charles

PMP, JetBlue Airways

You gotta take this class – 5 Star Leadership.  Talk about separating the leaders from the managers. You will learn a lot about yourself, a lot about your team and a whole lot about leading versus managing. Jason Walker does an excellent job of providing examples, talking through implementation of the various leadership tools they set you up with and helping you to change your mindset about how to treat your greatest asset – your team – in such a way that they want to follow and more importantly – that they want to do great things with you. This class is for those who are truly committed to making things happen.

Kathy Hodak

Cubic Simulation Systems

An extremely intense leadership program that teaches you through role playing, reading and real life examples, the skill sets and attributes of an effective leader.

Julie Kleffel


A comprehensive, intensive study of leadership techniques, tactics, and tools, and how to apply those to improve your organization and your life.
Pat Turner

Corning Cable Systems

This is a great introspective search to determine where you need to improve as a leader.
Robert Royse


A fast-paced leadership course that will provide you with the fundamentals of becoming an effective leader.
Joshua Campbell

Force Protection

This is an intense look at leadership principles. It provided a greater understanding of self, as well as real world methods to operate better.
Bonnie Penner

Florida Virtual School

Several things were very clearly demonstrated: 1) Your facilitator will go to any lengths including coming to my motel room to get reluctant participants involved. 2) My experience in the military had very well equipped me to be a leader and that it was the management environment at {organization} that is the problem. 3) We utilized the time reinvigorating me with reassurance that I had been doing the right things and presenting your program. 4) I am well prepared to escape the very unsupported work environment and open my own satellite clinic.
Stephen S.

I attended the PMI Five Star Leadership Program where I had an opportunity to meet Jason. He was our Leader for the course. Overall, this was a wonderful and exciting class. Everyone’s expectations (class of 25+) were met. Jason presented leadership concepts and understandings that made me think about my 15 year career as a PM/Engineer and helped me to understand and provide answers to my questions and what I call “grey” areas. I was looking for answers in career, life, and family and I can truly say that I have been able to use these Leadership strategies/techniques which have helped me to grow as a person and mom of two beautiful kids. I have recently stepped out on my on to provide Project Management Consulting Services AND my career life balance has been achieved. I am truly happy at this point in my life and I can really say that my perspective on a lot of things has changed for the better……

Powerful seminar… and Jason is wonderful….. If you have an opportunity, check it out…. You will achieve wonderful outcomes.

Tomeka Collins

I recently attended a Leadership Boot Camp that was taught by Jason. His approach to training, energy level and positive attitude were amazing. He took many concepts others have tried to teach and educated our group in a way we all could relate and apply the following day. The leadership compass is an awesome tool that I feel will really help me and my group. I recommend Jason and the Leadership Boot Camp class to anyone who wants to take Leadership to the next level.
Chip Deger

IT Manager, Siemens Energy

I attended Jason’s Leadership Boot Camp last month. Jason had the same level of energy from the first minute of the class until the last, he ran it like a military operation, and the very next day I achieved one of my goals. The first follow-up session was held recently and it was the best half-day of training I can remember – it was a lot of fun too!
Nathan Sharp

PMP, Siemens Energy, Inc.

Jason was the coach in a Leadership Boot camp I attended last month. I have attended similar trainings in the past and this was definitively one of the best. Jason had a great energy and was able to have the participants connected from beginning to end. He is very knowledgeable and an excellent facilitator. I was able to discuss situations and problems I am currently facing in my role of project manager as examples for the class, and I received excellent feedback and suggestions. He helped me to clearly define achievable goals (personal and professional) and to create an action plan for them. Within weeks I was able to achieve some of them already! This is a great class to take and I highly recommend Jason as your coach.
Edwin Castaneda

Project Manager, Siemens Energy

I attended the Leadership Boot Camp with Jason as the coach. This one of the best leadership course I have attended. He guides you to reach your maximum potential. He made the training very interesting. The training is very hands on, and by the end of it, I was implementing many of the principles in the daily life. I was able to set up goals and start working on it. I highly recommend Jason and this class to anyone who wants to become a better leader.
Rajendra Salecha

Solutions Architect, Siemens Energy

The training provided by Jason and the Academy Leadership program was one of the best leadership training courses I have taken.
David Gaedele

Indirect Procurement Division Lead, Siemens Corporation

I just completed the 5 Star Leadership course under Jason’s expert tutelage. He did an outstanding job – by far the best leadership course I’ve ever taken. The course was intense and Jason pushed us hard. He did an excellent job of managing group participation and keeping us on topic. I highly recommend the course, particularly under Jason’s lead.
Russ Barron

PMP, CSM, Sr. Program Manager

Jason was the facilitator of the Five Star Leadership training I attended during the PMI World Seminars in Orlando this Summer. Jason is a great teacher and presenter that engaged with the audience at many different levels. He made our training interesting, valuable and overall applicable to my desire to improve as a leader. I recommend Jason and the Five Star Leadership training to any of my colleagues.
Marilyn Fernandez

Program Director, PMO , Houghton Mifflin Harcourt