Skills are secondary to mindset.  As leader, do you recognize your influence on the mindset of your team?  It is the collective mindset of your team that determines the culture.  Do you desire a culture where individuals treat you and the other team members with respect?  A culture where commitments are kept and teamwork is not just the title of a poster?  This doesn’t happen by accident, and it starts with you and your mindset.

Do you recognize that everyone has value and is deserving of basic respect?  You most likely are showing others the respect they deserve, but are you ensuring that your managers are doing likewise?  Your employees view their managers as a direct representative of you and how you treat them.  Team members who feel undervalued or disrespected are less likely to energetically employ their skills, and that means less productivity and cohesion.  In particular, the attitudes of self-motivators will be significantly affected, and they will begin looking for other opportunities to contribute their talents. 

Do you and your managers effectively convey that you value your team members?  Each day, is your greeting to all an authentic “Good Morning,” or a sincere “How are you?”  Or, are the first words someone hears from you, “Did you get the (fill in the blank) task completed yet?”  Remember the basics: make eye contact; address people by name; greet people with a kind look or a smile.  Daily pressures are not an excuse for rudeness. 

Although everyone has value, as leader you also recognize that not every individual can contribute to your team’s current mission, and in some cases, can diminish the team’s effectiveness by draining limited resources and energy.  Every current team member should have a purpose within your organization and contribute to its success; otherwise, why are they on your team?  Handle these situations with the same basic respect for the individual, and protect your team.

It is a leader’s duty to ensure that everyone is shown to be valued and that everyone is contributing value to the team’s success.  You must act intentionally to cultivate your Elite Team. 

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.