It is obvious that the Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars are opposing teams.  Each team starts the season with their own specific goals to gain a spot in the playoffs, and get a shot at making it to the Super Bowl.  Both teams work hard before and during the season, trying to be better than every other team they face.   When Miami and Jacksonville face one another, each team does everything in their power to win the contest to help reach their goal.

Miami’s and Jacksonville’s desire to crush one another is actually beneficial to both teams!  This competitive spirit, discipline to constantly improve, and desire to win and accomplish their team goals are some of the reasons why the NFL draws millions of spectators to watch each week.  You see, as part of the NFL organization, Miami and Jacksonville are actually on the same team, contributing to the NFL mission: “To present the National Football League and its teams at a level that attracts the broadest audience and makes NFL football the best sports entertainment in the world.” {}

The NFL has established the regular season, playoff structure, and Super Bowl contest with all its rewards to set the environment for it to achieve its mission.  Each team sets their own objectives to build an Elite Team that will get them to the Super Bowl.  Why else are they in the game?  We as fans can tell which teams are, and are not, striving to improve year after year, and we let the NFL and the respective teams know through our attendance and viewer numbers.

Businesses and organizations must do exactly the same thing.  They must design an environment to harness the competitive spirit of their people in a way that helps the entire organization achieve its mission.  It begins with the end in mind.  What is the overarching vision that your team will strive toward?  It must be meaningful to the team, and every other goal must be aligned to help reach it.  Then individuals and teams will understand how their contributions affect the overall success of the organization, and will unreservedly attack their specific goals.  Compare their progress against internal or external “contestants” to keep the competitive spirit in play.  Your fans, commonly referred to as customers, will let you know when you Transform into an Elite Team.

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.