Do you seek to make improvements to all aspects of your organization?  When resources are limited, you will likely be very selective on where you invest your time, energy, and monies to ensure you get the greatest return.

To make the greatest impact, to which area should you now focus?  Is identifying a different marketing strategy needed?  Should your organization’s industry or technical knowledge be enhanced?  Would better technology help you significantly increase the needed revenues and profits?  Do you need to invest into your team’s ability to perform more cohesively to deliver results?

The answer is as unique as your team and situation.  What is not unique is your need to be an effective leader.  “Everything rises and falls on leadership!”  Your performance as a leader will have the most significant impact on those you are responsible to lead.

As leader you are responsible for leading yourself and others through the changing landscape we face today.  What have you done in the last twelve months to improve your leadership effectiveness?  Have you improved your ability to communicate your team’s purpose, vision, and direction?  Have you set and communicated clear goals that will successfully accomplish this year’s mission?  Do you understand what motivates your team and have you created the environment necessary for them to put forth the extra effort needed for your organization to break out of survival mode?

If you have acted to improve in these areas, I encourage you to carry on!  It is a continuous journey.  If you have not been consistent in your approach to improving your personal leadership ability, let me invite you to seek help from a trusted resource.  Apply the same principle you use when you engage an accountant, financial advisor, attorney, or personal trainer, and engage an executive coach that is credible and trustworthy and will help achieve your goals more confidently and quickly than on your own.  This investment in you will reap tremendous returns.

This is Jason Walker sharing an Elite Team INSIGHT.